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What we do

  • VC/PE:


Given the Chinese government’s policy to encourage entrepreneurship and innovation, more and more promising companies are starting up, which brings unprecedented opportunities for China VC/ PE business.

At Sensegain, we are seizing this opportunity. We believe our investments will not only maximize return for our Limited Partners but create tremendous value for your portfolio companies as well.

  • M&A:


With more and more Chinese companies "going abroad", Sensegain provides cross-border M&A services to our clients with our broad overseas footprints, strong financial support and insightful industry vision.

  • PIPE:


As a leading Chinese asset management group, Sensegain is a major player in the Private Investment in Public Equity (“PIPE”) in the China capital market.

We have an excellent PIPE team to help our clients to select targets by comprehensive research and due diligence.

  • Secondary Market:


Our Investment and Asset Management Services also span in China secondary market. Sensegain’s investment team provides comprehensive services for our investors by their deep-dive China capital market analysis, accurate market sense and outstanding track records.

What we do
Case Study


  • Only digital investment platform, to offer trading both in traditional equities and Crypto-currencies.

  • The first and largest social trading and investment platform with over 10 MM users in 140 Countries.

  • Offering over 1,000 instruments and financial products for trading and investment: equities, ETFs,  indices, currencies,crypto-currencies and commodities.


Tencent Trusted Doctors

  • Provides one- stop convenient and affordable high quality medical services to families  

  • The founders, merged from Doctorwork, have extensive experience managing physical medical treatment facilities

  • Long term support from Tencent Investment and Sequoia Capital, helped on strong client base and institutional
    medical resources.



  • A post of physician social service platform.

  • Until 2017, the online registered doctor number was 500,000, compound annual growth rate of 232%.

  • The total operating income was ¥127 MM($18 MM), whole year growth rate of 246% 



  • Palantir is a privately-held software developer that offers platforms for integration, visualization and analysis of data.

  • Palantir charges between $10 million to $1 billion (USD) for each contact.

  • Still holding it.


SinoEnergy Corporation

  • Sinoenergy Corporation designs, manufactures, and markets pressurized containers for compressed natural gas (CNG) facilities and equipment in China.

  • With 0.99 billion CNY invested, our company has added 1.19 billion USD towards our AUM, and a 69.5% IRR on the investment.


Ready Health Industry Co

  • Ranked No.2 among China's pharmaceutical distributors.

  • Sensegain Invested 160 MM USD into it.

  • As of December 31st, 2016, it had a share price of $1.98, with an ROI of 84%.


NetPosa Technologies

  • NetPosa is a leading manufacturer of video monitoring management platform in China

  • Investment made in 2010. The company experienced a yearly 30% increase to their revenue. 80X ROI.

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