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Sensegain is a leading asset management group in China focused on investing in TMT, Healthcare, Clean Energy, Education, and Advanced Manufacturing industries. 


Established in 2006, an over US$ 6B capital commitments buyout fund, Sensegain has developed a strong partnership with industry leaders, domain expertise and deep insights into our industries of focus in China.


We are proficient at understanding China market, industry trends, business models, government policies and regulations, especially the way of thinking. We firmly believe that combined with our capital commitment, our strength will bring our portfolio companies’ long-term perspective.


Currently, we are expanding our business into the United States, Canada, and European countries. We maintain our investment principal and firmly believe that globalization and our “China angle” will drive our portfolio companies and international partners towards maximum value creation for all shareholders.


Our Vision

We aim to be a leading asset management group in the world.

By leveraging our deep China reach and global exposures, we are motivated every day to serve our clients and bring our shareholders’ unique value.

Building up our fund ecosphere, all alliances grow up together.


Our Mission

We are dedicated to creating long-term values for our investors, employees and shareholders.

We help our clients to optimize their asset allocations globally to maximize their investment return.

We contribute our “China Angle” to serve our international clients to bridge the opportunities in China to boost their value.

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