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Golden-Bull "Top Private Equity Investment” & “The Elite of Golden Bull Equity Investment”

On December 19, the 2019 Equity Investment innovation convention - 3rd Golden-Bull Awards Ceremony of China’s Equity Investment, was host by China Securities belonging to Xinhua News Agency in Beijing. The 3rd China’s equity investment awards were finally coming out during strict selection in months.

After winning “China’s private equity Golden Bull Awards” in 2017, and “Golden-Bull Sustaining 3-Year Private Equity Investment Institution” in 2018, Sensegain Capital Management once again was elected as “The Annual Golden-Bull Top Private Equity Investment Institutions”, and Wu Minwen, the chairman of the board, also won award of “The Elite of Golden Bull Equity Investment”.

"Under the two-way drive of reformation and revolution, China's capital market will continue to help Chinese science and technology innovation companies and to empower the real economy. I believe that China's equity investment is full of opportunities and hopes. Winter is here and spring is about to come. "Chairman Wu said in the award speech.

Mr. Wu (2nd from the left) winning “The Elite of Golden Bull Equity Investment”

Wang Yicheng(5th from the left), the president assistant, representing Sensegain to accept the award of “The Annual Golden-Bull Top Private Equity Investment Institutions”


About "The Golden-Bull China Private Equity Investment Award"

As one of the "Golden Bull Award" series, the selection of the Golden-Bull Award for China Equity Investment sponsored by China Securities News, a subsidiary of Xinhua News Agency, always adheres to the principles of openness, fairness and impartiality, and is based on objective data. Under the guidance of regulatory authorities, China Securities Journal has established sound standards, applied scientific methods, established rigorous processes, and brought together the most powerful domestic research institutions to participate in the selection process. With strict implementation of the selection rules and respect for the law of equity investment development, the Golden-Bull Award selection has won universal recognition from the industry and all sectors of society.

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