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Sensegain Capital complete investments in Tencent Trusted Doctors

Tencent Trusted Doctors, the largest private healthcare service platform in China, announced the completion of a $250 Million USD funding round. Lead investors include Tencent Ventures, Country Garden, GAW. Sensegain invested as a co-investor along with Sequoia China, Russia-China Investment Fund, CMB Capital and Harvest Wealth. Trusted Doctors’ valuation post investment will exceed $1 Billion USD. The funding will be used to focus on improving Trusted Doctors’ platform in order to better facilitate online - offline integration and to build on its current health service offerings.


Tencent Doctorworks was a joint venture started by Tencent, GAW capital, Medlinker and Sequoia China. In August of 2018, Doctoswors merged with Xingren Doctors to form Tencent Trusted Doctors. It currently has over 50 clinics of various types that range from General Clinics, Speciality Clinics and Day Surgery centres. These clinics cover Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Chengdu, Shenyang, Guangzhou, Nanjing and Hong Kong. Trusted Doctors also has a rapidly growing online platform that connects 440,000 verified doctors from 30,000+ hospitals to 10 million patients.

Mr Dowson Tong, Tencent’s head of Cloud and Smart Industries group, said : “Healthcare has always been an highly focused industry here at Tencent. Trusted Doctors can rely on Tencent for data and technical support which will hugely upgrade the user experience. Tencent aims to help the healthcare industry and provide real value to firms and patients.”

Mr WangShiRui, the CEO of Tencent Trusted Doctors, mentions: “Over the past two years, we have been rapidly developing our off-line medical facilities and streamlining processes from site selection, construction, medical training and licensing to marketing. Over the next 2 – 3 years, we hope to establish 500+ off-line clinics and medical facilities.” Mr Wang also mentions that Trustetd Doctors looks to optimize online platform functions, improve user experience and strengthen business/service expansions in Medical E-commerce and IoT Healthcare. Trusted Doctors also aim to push out more smart healthcare products and upgrade health stations and terminals.

Tencent Trusted Doctors is Sensegain’s biggest single investment deal in the healthcare space. Looking forward, Sensegain aims to further invest up and down the supply chain in the healthcare industry and also focus on resouces management and re-organization for post-investment targets. Since Sensegain’s inception, healthcare has always been one of the main focus areas. We have raised many medical services industry fund and healthcare M&A fund and also made investments in high quality projects such as Ready Health, Kyee group, Buchang Pharma etc. Some of our investments went to IPO.

2018 is a year of opportunities for IoT Healthcare. Regulations were introduced in 2018 to regulate, consolidate and upgrade the IoT Healthcare industry. Online healthcare services can satisfy the needs of many chronic disease patients and basic medical needs in ways that are harder for traditional offline providers. With the aging macro-environment, high industry growth rate and positive outlook, Sensegain recognizes the growth potential of online healthcare and the core resources value of offline service providers.

Tencent Trusted Doctors is a notable investment for Sensegain’s USD Fund. Sensegain’s USD Fund is focused on growth equity & cross-border M&A in Healthcare, TMT and Advanced Manufacturing. The fund is committed to discovering core value targets with its “China angle”.

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