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Sensegain Listed in the “2017 ChinaVenture Most Socially Responsible Investment Institutions Top 10”

On September 25th, the 11th ChinaVenture Investment Conference Limited Partner Summit and China Core Competence Industry Summit 2017, both hosted by ChinaVenture Group, was held in the grand opening of the Shangri-La hotel in Futian, Shenzhen. More than 1,000 professionals from famous investment institutions, high-tech enterprises, FOFs, listed companies, and wealth management firms gathered in the summit. They have discussed the current environment of VC/PE, projected the future trend, and made suggestions to the investment philosophy of the LP market in China.

A series of lists were released on the evening of September 25th, including the list of limited partners, competence enterprises, and investment partners. Sensegain Asset Management Group was listed in the “2017 ChinaVenture Most Socially Responsible Investment Institutions Top 10.

In recent years, Sensegain implemented the responsibility of the “enterprise citizen.” This is an initiative to motivate members of the private sector to go out and serve society and contribute to local communities. Sensegain has organized numerous public welfare activities and has contributed to post-disaster revival and education support. Chairman Minwen Wu leads the movement, and has made an annual cash donation of 20 million CNY and was honored to be listed in “2017 Forbes China Charity Top 100.”

Vice Preside Xuan Li (3rd on the left) Receive the Award on behalf of the Company

In addition, to participate in public welfare activities, Sensegain also rooted the social responsibility consciousness into the investment decision-making and post-investment management. Sensegain insisted that it’s important to be a responsible institution with integrity. Sensegain further developed a mission of leading the positive development of the industry and with a target of becoming the “Chinese Blackstone” in the future.

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