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Sensegain signs strategic cooperation agreement with Dongxing Securities

On April 12th, Dongxing Securities Co., Ltd (Dongxin)’s CEO Mr Zhang Tao and other senior executives visited Sensegain Asset Management Group(Sensegain). Both parties engaged in friendly conversation and strategic discussions on current markets, respective businesses and service offerings. Following a very meaningful and productive meeting, both parties signed a strategic cooperation agreement detailing business collaborations in strategic/special situation investments, Investment and Financing, Securities, Financial advisory and oversea services.


During the meeting, Sensegain’s Chairman Mr Minwen Wu described Sensegain’s development timeline since inception, investment philosophy, five key industry group layout and asset management structure. Mr Wu also emphasized on “investments for companies listing on the SSE STAR market” and “Strategic Special Opportunity Investments for Public Companies”. Specifically, Mr Wu points out the value of the SSE STAR and the significance of investing in “Value Technology” companies. As for public companies under high debt pressure/debt crisis, the strategy would be to assist the company through equity transfer agreements, then inject quality assets and optimize business processes/management.

Mr Zhang Tao expresses high approval of Sensegain’s strategy and expresses high interest in a strategic cooperation with Sensegain. Mr Zhang believes that Dongxing, a state-owned brokerage firm, is in an unique position to leverage its international coverage and comprehensive online-offline business ecosystem to invest in public companies in special situations with Sensegain. Both Dongxing and Sensegain can share resources and establish a strategic relationship on all fronts.

At the end of the meeting, Sensegain and Dongxing signed a strategic cooperation agreement establishing a long-term strategic relationship.

This is the fourth strategic cooperation agreement between Sensegain and notable securities brokerage. In October 2018, Sensegain signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Tianfeng Securities, with Minsheng Securities in November 2018 and with Everbright Securities in January 2019.

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