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Stay Together and Fight Against Coronavirus (2)

During the lunar new year 2020, the new coronavirus has been spreading out all over the China. To against this special epidemic, Sensegain Asset Management Group(hereinafter called Sensegain Group) has always been paying close attention to the latest situation and doing its best to help with people who is fighting against 2019-nCoV at the front line.

On January 1st, Sensegain Group, together with its invested companies, has donated all kinds of medical supplies, such as N95 masks, antiviral drugs and thermometers, to Red Cross Society of Shiyan City and Hubei Center for Disease Control and Prevention, in the total of more than one million yuan.

Apart from this, many Sensegain’s invested companies, like Kefeiping Pharmaceutical Company and Tecent Trusted Doctors, utilized their resources to help people in needs.

At the same time, Sensegain Group also donated the first patch of medical masks to a local hospital in Beijing who was in lack of such emergent medical supplies, and the following patches are on the way.

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