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  • Diversified Business:


Our comprehensive business covers private equity, NEEQ, M&A and hedge funds. We cover different sectors and market cycles to meet different investment needs and risk preferences for our LPs and clients.

  • Globally Asset Allocation:


Our portfolio companies are diversified across all sectors and geographies. They cover TMT, Clean Energy, Health Care and Advanced Manufacturing sectors in U.S., Europe, Israel, Japan and South Korea.

  • Cross-Border Arbitrage Opportunities:


The marketization of interest rate and the long-term prospect of ample liquidity in China drive more and more companies to seek valuable assets and investments opportunity all over the world; we see the cross-border arbitrage opportunities as a channel to significantly boost our portfolio companies' market value. 



  • Seamless connections between primary and secondary market:


We closely collaborate with publicly traded companies to set up M&A funds to acquire and/or co-invest valuable assets with our partners from the primary markets and pursue an exit from their follow-up equities we own in the secondary markets. We believe the assets we co-invest can elevate public companies’ market value and maximize our return.

  • Value investment:


We always believe value investment. As disruptive technology penetrates every industry in the world, we are optimistic that the huge potential growth comes from TMT, Healthcare, Clean Energy and Advanced Manufacturing.

  • Cross-Border Investment to Create Value:


We tend to seek cross-border investment opportunities focusing on the United States, Europe, Japan and South Korea. With our deep networks and broad reach in China, we create the value by helping our investment targets extending their business in Chinese market.

  • Value-added service:


We collaborate with leading industry leaders to co- invest and provide full value chain services, including deal sourcing, execution, capital management, resource integration and post-acquisition support.

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