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Stay Together and Fight Against Coronavirus (1)

Updated: Feb 3, 2020

In the last two weeks, new coronavirus cases started from Wuhan have been growing rapidly to become nationwide. In order to strengthen the medical protection measures against the epidemic, Sensegain Asset Management Group(hereinafter referred to as “Sensegain Group”) actively responded to the call of Asset Management Association of China, mobilizing staffs to purchase medical supplies all over the world to support the front line. The first batch of medical masks and gloves has already delivered to Wuhan and Beijing so far.

Sensegain Group's invested companies have also acted simultaneously.

Medlinker has set up a special green channel for respiratory specialist consultation, along with the China-Japan Friendship Hospital and Chaoyang Hospital to create a complete home-staying solution combined with the advantages of Internet-based hospitals and intelligence devices. At the same time, a great number of doctors has summoned by Medlinker to join the volunteer team to help patients in need.

Tencent Trusted Doctors has convened 45,000 doctors and used its online platform to provide free consultation, responding on time to all kinds of problems related to new coronavirus, largely relieving the pressures in front-line hospitals, and protecting millions of families 24 hours a day.

Carbon Star Technology has issued 500,000 graphene KN95 masks with three days, of which 400,000 were sent to Wuhan at a very low price. Since most of the employees have been on vacation, four staffs stayed on duty for 3 days and 4 night, racing against time and escorting people’s life.

Many teams of SENYINT have backed to work in advance, fully cooperating with local hospitals to provide long-distance supporting and online consultation services. Meanwhile, its outpatient consulting online platform aiming at fever symptoms was successfully released online, opening to all of suspected patients.

Quitting from vacation, employees from Changjiang Medical purchased 1.37 million masks, 11,500 sets of protective clothing and 2,000 temperature guns and sent them to county epidemic prevention headquarters and chain pharmacy stores.

There are also many other companies such as Kefeiping, Changjiangmai Medical and Jingyi Group who carry out various medical assistance measures, fighting together against the epidemic.

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